MD&M 2010 Presentation: Design and Development of the Epoch Stem

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    • Hawkins, M. Design and Development of the Epoch Stem. Presented at the 2010 MD&M Meeting in Minneapolis, MN, October 12, 2010.
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    • PEEK, PEKEKK, hip stem, orthopedics, isoelastic hip
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This MD&M Minneapolis presentation by Mike Hawkins describes the development process of the first PEEK hip stem in orthopedics. The Epoch hip stem was developed, evaluated in the labs and clinically tested from 1985 to 2001 when it was commercialized. The effort required the work of many people inside and outside of Zimmer. The Epoch represents a pioneering use of PEEK and other materials in a novel application that has been clinically successful.


Mike Hawkins, Ph.D., Vice President, Corporate Research, Zimmer, Inc.

Dr. Hawkins is Vice President,Corporate Research for Zimmer. Dr. Hawkins' professional career has been focused on the research and development of orthopedic devices, with an emphasis on polymers and ceramic materials. Michael hold 9 US patents for various technologies.