PEEK in Arthroplasty Expert Round Table Presentation: CFR-PEEK as a Hip Bearing Material

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    • Nevelos, J. CFR-PEEK as a Hip Bearing Material, Presented at the PEEK in Arthroplasty Expert Round Table, San Francisco, CA, February 8, 2012.
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    • CFR-PEEK, Mitch PCR Cup, ABG II, Preclinical testing, wear
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This presentation by Jim Nevelos, Ph.D., covers the attributes of CFR-PEEK that led Stryker to investigate the material as a candidate bearing material in the 1990s. The presentation summarizes the preclinical studies that preceeded the clinical studies of the ABG II and Mitch PCR Cup in Europe.

Jim Nevelos, Ph.D., is the Director for Hip Research, Stryker.