PEEK in Arthroplasty Expert Round Table Presentation: Tribology of Orthopaedic PEEK-on-PEEK Bearings

    • Reference:
    • Medley, J.B. OrthoPOP Bearings. Presented at the PEEK in Arthroplasty Expert Round Table, San Francisco, CA, February 8, 2012.
    • Keywords:
    • CFR-PEEK, PEEK, tribology, adverse testing, pin-on-disc, wear
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This presentation covers research at the University of Waterloo directed to understanding the tribology of PEEK-on-PEEK bearings, primarily for cervical disc arthroplasty applications. Tribological assessment was performed using a multi-directional pin-on-disc tribometer (OrthoPOD) with clinically relevant lubrication. The testing program also incorporated adverse, high stress conditions.

Dr. John Medley a Professor of Orthopaedic Tribology in the Dept. of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Waterloo University.