2008 WBC Conference Poster: Wear Analysis of a PEEK Interpositional Knee Arthroplasty

    • Reference:
    • Crosbie S et al, Gravimetric wear analysis of a polyetheretherketone interpositional knee arthroplasty device using a simulated knee motion machine, Transactions of the 8th World Biomaterials Congress, Poster P-Thu-G-475, 2008.
    • Keywords:
    • PEEK, CFR-PEEK, knee arthroplasty, wear, 2008 WBC
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    • The PDF of the conference poster is made available on with the permission of the authors.

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Researchers from Advanced Bio-Surfaces have developed test methods for evaluating the wear behavior of PEEK and CFR-PEEK against bone. Testing was performed with loads from 300-400 lbs at 37°C in 50% bovine serum using a custom built apparatus. Human femoral cadaver bone, synthetic delrin analogues, and a “BoneSim” analog were evaluated. The investigators concluded that BoneSim may provide a worst-case scenario for PEEK-on-bone testing of interpositional prostheses.