2008 WBC Conference Poster: Tribological Performance of CFR-PEEK against CoCrMo

    • Reference:
    • Scholes S, Unsworth A. The likely performance of CFR-PEEK against CoCrMo as a material combination for artificial joints. Transactions of the 8th World Biomaterials Congress, Poster P-Sat-I-597, 2008.
    • Keywords:
    • CFR-PEEK, PEEK, CoCr Alloy, Wear, 2008 WBC
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Wear tests were performed at Durham University on PEEK-OPTIMA and carbon fibre reinforced PEEK-OPTIMA (CFR-PEEK) against cobalt chrome molybdenum (CoCrMo) to assess the potential of this material combination for use in orthopaedic implants. Four station pin-on-plate wear machines were used. Multi-directional motion included reciprocation and rotation (1 Hz). 40 N load was applied in 25% bovine serum (protein content 15 gl-1) at 37°C. Specimens were tested to 2 million cycles. CFR-PEEK against CoCrMo (HC or LC) provided low wear rates. This study gives confidence in the likelihood of this material combination performing well in orthopaedic applications.