2008 WBC Conference Poster: Preliminary Investigation of Implantable PEEK Fiber

    • Reference:
    • Jarman-Smith M, McFetridge P, Pierre N. Preliminary evaluation of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) fibre suitable for implantation. Transactions of the 8th World Biomaterials Congress, Poster P-Sat-K-675, 2008.
    • Keywords:
    • PEEK, fiber, mechanical behavior, biocompatibility, 2008 WBC
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This preliminary study examines whether PEEK-OPTIMA could be processed at an industrially relevant scale into a fiber form. A further goal was to also examine if the fiber would possess some of the suitable mechanical and cytocompatible properties beneficial for textile based medical devices. PEEK monofilaments were manufactured at 50 and 100μm diameter and tested in tension. Cytotoxicity and cytocompatibility were also evaluated.  Mechanical properties were comparable to the commonly used PET. Excellent cytocompatibilty was observed. This study demonstrates that PEEK-OPTIMA can be processed into mono and multifilaments, suitable for use in a variety of textile technologies.