2008 WBC Poster Presentation: Polymer Solutions for Improving Treatment in Radiotherapy

    • Reference:
    • De Langen M et al. Polymer solutions for improving treatment in radiotherapy. Transactions of the 8th World Biomaterials Congress, Poster P-Thu-G-442, 2008.
    • Keywords:
    • PEEK, biocompatibility, image contrast, 2008 WBC
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Researchers from the ErasmusMC-University Medical Center in Rotterdam have investigated PEEK-OPTIMA in various compositions with radiopaque filler materials to develop a new fiducial marker for use in radiotherapy that is visible on xray, CT and MRI imaging, but does not produce undesired artefacts. It is clear from their experiments that nonmetallic markers reduce artefacts on CT. Of both nonmetallic types, the carbon fiber based type has a limited range of use because it is only a shell containing the radiopaque material, and therefore depends on its tiny size to reduce the artefacts on CT. This however, is a problem on MRI where physical size as well as the size of magnetic influence are important. The researchers conclude therefore that the use of the new PEEK fiducial markers offers the best chance to improve treatment accuracy in radiotherapy.