2008 WBC Conference Poster: Laser Welding of PEEK-OPTIMA for Medical Devices

    • Reference:
    • Warwick M and Green S. Laser welding of PEEK-OPTIMA for medical devices. Transactions of the 8th World Biomaterials Congress, Poster P-Sat-B-305, 2008.
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    • PEEK, 2008 WBC
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Researchers have developed a direct laser welding process for joining PEEK-Optima parts for medical devices. The joint design must be optimized to produce hermetic joints. Sections of PEEK greater than 1 mm are not amenable to tranmission laser welding because the high crystallinity scatters the laser light. Cylindrical parts are spun in a specialized rig under inert gas during the welding process. Hermetic welds were produced with 10s of weld time.